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Pear...and then pinot noir

Exciting news! How amazing would it feel this New Year's Eve to experience a wild intoxicated night out, without having to suffer the consequences on New Year's Day?

Researchers in Australia at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CISRO), think they have found the answer to staving off the morning after ‘pounding headache and greasy burger cravings’.

Their study showed that individuals who drank 220ml of Asian pear juice before a night on the town, felt 21% better and were less likely to have a hangover than the participants that didn’t get to guzzle some juice. They were tested on 14 hangover points like having a headache and light sensitivity.

However there are specific guidelines to follow if you want immunity from a hangover:

  1. You must drink the pear juice BEFORE you imbibe, not after and not as a mixer with your vodka

  2. It is ASIAN pear that has the properties, not a Bosc or a Barlett

  3. You must have AT LEAST 220ML of the juice.

Seemingly components in the fruit reduce the absorption of alcohol and act upon alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase, two enzymes responsible for metabolizing alcohol in the liver. Consequently, this speeds up the metabolism and elimination of alcohol from the body, lowering levels of acetaldehyde in the blood – the toxic metabolite responsible for the nausea, headache and foggy brain after an indulgent night.

Interestingly, Asian pears have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to detoxify, regenerate body fluids and quench thirst (so it might be prudent to have a second glass the morning after as well?).

Whatever the properties, I’m fully on board. Anything is preferable to glugging back a pint of milk to line the stomach….euurgggh!

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