Increasingly we learn that we are what we eat (or more

importantly, we are what we digest and absorb), and at no

time,is this more important, than when we are going through

growth spurts….and growing a baby.

Fertility is tantamount to farming. In order to cultivate the

perfect baby/crop, the body/soil needs to be nourished

(with the right balance of nutrients), and the surrounding

environment conducive to successful growth (oxygen/carbon

dioxide, water, vitamin D/sunshine, lack of stress, etc).

My integrated approach to increasing your chances of getting

pregnant, is to help you achieve ideal growing conditions.  I like to work on a ‘whole-istic’ level – looking at you as a whole. We'll delve into every

aspect of your life to see where any imbalances may lie - whether that be low nutrient status, lack of activity, irregular menstrual cycles, abnormal sex hormone output, elevated stress hormones, under or overweight, subconscious fear of pregnancy, etc.   If we can optimise overall health, and mental and physical well-being, then not only is fertility improved, but the health of your future child can be enhanced.

When the ‘soil’ is fertile and the ‘season’ is right, that is when your precious seed can bloom into something exquisite and miraculous! Baby blossom!


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