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Motivational Coaching

Initially, you may find it hard to credit how a change of diet and lifestyle can so dramatically change your life. You may also wonder how you’re going to handle the change in your eating habits (especially if they are habits of a lifetime).


Implementing the right diet and lifestyle recommendations can be challenging.   Self-sabotaging thoughts or mental blocks can prevent us from acting.  Sometimes we aren’t even aware of why we are finding it so hard to take on board the valuable advice.


As a zest4life wellbeing coach I can help you set appropriate goals, recognize what is standing in your way and then help you overcome any in-built resistance to a new regime.


You will learn to believe in your ability to adapt and be optimistic about the outcome. You will gain clarity regarding your dreams and aspirations. You will understand what drives and motivates you.  You’ll begin to want to make healthy (wise) choices and stick with them, and let go of the actions that no longer serve you.  We’ll get your mind focused & set on success.  


Motivational coaching can often be the magic ingredient for long-term sustainable health.




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