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Weight Loss

Many clients come to me in despair because they’ve been unable to find a weight loss solution that doesn’t put the weight back on the moment they stop ‘dieting’.


Trendy ‘one-size-fits-all’ diets, such as intermittent fasting or low-calorie diets, can certainly shed pounds rapidly at the outset, but what’s really going on in the body when these eating plans are followed? Overall weight on the scales may look promising, but what’s not so evident, is the effect they have on your metabolism, or on other organs in the body, like the thyroid and adrenal ‘stress’ glands. These ‘diets’ are not sustainable or designed for the long-term. Nor are they getting to the root cause of why your fat cells have enlarged. Hence, rebound weight gain occurs when they are ceased. Obesity or being overweight after all, are not ‘conditions’, they are a symptom of one or more bodily systems being out of balance or dysfunctional.


My aim is to help clients understand which specific factors have led to their increase in body fat. Manageable, sustainable habits can then be implemented over time to eliminate these aspects from their diet or lifestyle, promoting fat loss at a healthy rate, along with an increase in muscle mass. Weight loss shouldn’t be a short term, arduous process. It’s simply about learning how to nourish, energise, cleanse, and rebalance the body, using delicious foods & drinks and enjoyable activity.

If you’re sick of yo-yo dieting, book a consultation now

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance® is incredibly effective at resetting your metabolism through regulation of all hormonal imbalances (appetite hormones, blood sugar balancing hormones, thyroid & stress hormones), and through dampening inflammation within the body (Obesity is a low-grade systemic inflammatory condition).   

Metabolic Balance® is NOT a fad diet, it is based on 25 years of scientific research.   If you want a structured eating plan that promotes 3-6lbs of weight loss each week and teaches you how to maintain your ideal figure for life......Metabolic Balance® is the answer!

Find out more at

12-week weight loss programme

Prices start from £850

(depending upon clinic location)

Required additional vitamin D testing ( +£50)

Swami genotype

1 consultation weight loss programme

Prices start from £300

(depending upon clinic location)

Fingerprint reading & blood test included.

Immediate dietary report

Genotype Diet

The Genotype diet, developed by Peter D'Adamo (an American physician/naturopath, scientist and world-class expert in glycobiology) is an expansion of 'The Blood Type Diet'.  It is based not only upon your blood type, but also upon your genetic make-up and epigenetics (i.e. environmental factors such as our time in the womb) 

SWAMI (So What Am I) generates a 35-50 page dietary report, using 12,600,000 individual calculations determined through blood tests, fingerprint testing, medical history and a series of measurements and biometric readings.  The report details foods that act as medicines (‘highly beneficial’), induce no harm (‘foods allowed’) or act as poisons (‘Foods not allowed’) in your body.  Your SWAMI profile will also give you access to a unique meal planner and cookbook creator software, which will allow you to create individualized weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and a personalized cookbook containing recipes that synergize with your diet.

Digestive concerns, weight issues, hormonal imbalances, immune disorders, metabolic disorders and inflammatory conditions can all be improved by eating according to your genotype.  SWAMI enables you to nourish yourself according to YOUR body’s biochemical make-up – so you are truly eating ‘right for your type’!

Hannah Brown is a certified 'SWAMI' Genotype diet practitioner
Read more at:

Genotype Diet
Counseling Group

Group Sessions

Would you find it easier to share the Challenge of Change with a group of like-minded and supportive people?

The support, motivation and enjoyment gained from listening and learning from people undergoing the same process, can be akin to putting your foot on the accelerator.


Your destination is reached quicker and in a much more exciting manner!  Success is much more likely if you have a network to encourage you, keep you motivated and make changes alongside you.


I run a diverse range of group sessions, from ‘Weight loss’ to ‘How to rid yourself of PMT’

Supporting network of people

Find your own pace

SMS and phone follow-up

Group Session

Motivational Coaching

1 to 1 Support

Certified coaching techniques

SMS and phone follow-up

Initially, you may find it hard to credit how a change of diet and lifestyle can so dramatically change your life. You may also wonder how you’re going to handle the change in your eating habits (especially if they are habits of a lifetime).


Implementing the right diet and lifestyle recommendations can be challenging.   Self-sabotaging thoughts or mental blocks can prevent us from acting.  Sometimes we aren’t even aware of why we are finding it so hard to take on board the valuable advice.


As a zest4life wellbeing coach I can help you set appropriate goals, recognize what is standing in your way and then help you overcome any in-built resistance to a new regime.


You will learn to believe in your ability to adapt and be optimistic about the outcome. You will gain clarity regarding your dreams and aspirations. You will understand what drives and motivates you.  You’ll begin to want to make healthy (wise) choices and stick with them, and let go of the actions that no longer serve you.  We’ll get your mind focused & set on success.  


Motivational coaching can be the magic ingredient for long-term sustainable health.

Motivational coaching
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