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Are you wrestling with weight loss? Struggling with digestive issues?

Troubled by mood swings, low energy levels or a negative frame of mind?



As a Nutritionist, based in Belsize Park, Central London and Hammersmith, my role is to partner with clients to help them learn the truth about what is at the root of their symptoms or condition, and to understand which habits are exacerbating or enhancing their health, so they can finally resolve their health issues.    Whether that be helping clients to solve longstanding complex digestive issues, tackle chronic autoimmune disorders, lower blood pressure or cholesterol levels, improve hormonal imbalances, ignite energy levels, obtain a trimmer figure, or lift the dark cloud to give them a more positive frame of mind. 


In any event, through adjustments in their eating and lifestyle habits, they experience a change that makes a real difference to their lives, and I’m always delighted when clients become empowered to take actions that will enhance their health, rather than diminish it.

For me, nothing can be more rewarding than hearing a client say they’ve never looked better or felt more alive. 

We should all be living a  pain-free, energetic, joyful existence.  And believe it or not, small changes can lead to huge health benefits.   


Call me for a complimentary 20 minute telephone consultation and I'll explain how a change of diet could be the answer to your problem.


“Hannah was an absolute delight to work with!  She was so empathetic to my miserable plight to budge my post-baby bulge.  She carefully explained why I’ve felt so dependent on my mid-afternoon chocolate and cakes.  She didn’t need to hypnotize me to stop my unhealthy habit, she just helped me to discover why I crave these foods.  Now I know how to derive just as much pleasure without piling on the pounds.  I am no longer ‘The cookie queen’, I am ‘The cuddle queen’!!”


– Amanda White, London

“I feel so motivated to keep using all the tools Hannah has handed me!   She certainly doesn’t do things by half!  I could not have asked for more information, support or warmth.  I wax lyrical about her to all my family and friends….I want them to see Hannah so they can feel as amazing as I do!


– Julie Page, London

“Hannah Brown has done a wonderful job of helping me to address a few different health challenges. No matter what I approach her with, she is able to come up with a solution through a combination of impeccable knowledge and skill at trying to understand my issues.  She is also an absolute pleasure to work with – she is warm, compassionate, supportive, dedicated, and seems to truly love her work!”


– Kelly Gouss, Chicago



Using a quick, simple, non-invasive test, we can identify whether your body is toxic, or whether you have any mineral deficiencies.  


The OligoScan technology utilizes spectrophotometry (absorbance levels or the optical density of a specific chemical or mineral substance) to determine the amount of trace elements and heavy metals existing within your tissues.


Oligoscan Testing

Quick, simple and non-invasive test

Test price £125

(Price of 45 min analysis not included)

Immediate report



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Hannah Brown

Nutrition For Life

Nutritional Therapist

63A Lancaster Grove, Belsize Park

 NW3 4HD, London, UK


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