Genotype Diet

acne and eczema mood disorders swami  digestive issues

acne and eczema mood disorders swamidigestive issues

The Genotype diet, developed by Peter D'Adamo (an American physician/naturopath, scientist and world-class expert in glycobiology) is an expansion of 'The Blood Type Diet'.  It is based not only upon your blood type, but also upon your genetic make-up and epigenetics (i.e. environmental factors such as our time in the womb) 

acne and eczema mood disorders swami

SWAMI (So What Am I) generates a 35-50 page dietary report, using 12,600,000 individual calculations determined through blood tests, fingerprint testing, medical history and a series of measurements and biometric readings.  The report details foods that act as medicines (‘highly beneficial’), induce no harm (‘foods allowed’) or act as poisons (‘Foods not allowed’) in your body.  Your SWAMI profile will also give you access to a unique meal planner and cookbook creator software, which will allow you to create individualized weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and a personalized cookbook containing recipes that synergize with your diet.

acne and eczema mood disorders swamidigestive issues

Digestive concerns, weight issues, hormonal imbalances, immune disorders, metabolic disorders and inflammatory conditions can all be improved by eating according to your genotype.  SWAMI enables you to nourish yourself according to YOUR body’s biochemical make-up – so you are truly eating ‘right for your type’!

acne and eczema mood disorderdigestive issuess swami

Genotype Diet
Hannah Brown is a certified 'SWAMI' Genotype diet practitioner
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